Sure Shift Vision

Sure Shift was started because we want people to experience Cuyuna the way that the locals do: favorite trails, best views, secret swimming holes, friendly locals, and red dirt ribbons for days.

Lead Guides


Mari Kivisto

Mari's first bike as a five year old was a purple two wheeler called the "Maui Miss," and she promptly ripped off that basket on front so she could do more tricks. Those tricks led to a lot of scabs, but it also led her to a lot of freedom. Mari enjoys pretending she's still a kid by volunteer coaching with the local high school MTB team, volunteering with the CREW, and wearing funny costumes at every local race.

Favorite soup: Buffalo chicken or chili (if chili is considered a soup)

Favorite trail: The Ledges in Bentonville

Cuyuna Paddle Board 463

Derrick Justin

Derrick is your all around happiness manager. Seriously, the guy just can't stop smiling. He loves the great outdoors and has a passion for fishing, foraging, exploring, hunting, gardening, and volunteering. Derrick is a member of IMBA, Adventure Cycling Association, Minnesota Mycology Society, and Lakes Area Multi Sport group. Oh, yeah, and he's got three first names.

Favorite soup: homemade lentil or grouse wild rice with wild mushrooms

Favorite trail: Besides Cuyuna, OZ trails and every trail in the Olympic National Forest