Locals are the bread and butter of Cuyuna, and they’re the reason the trails and towns thrive today. We take great pride in providing the Cuyuna Experience to our clients, and these local businesses help us deliver.

Cuyuna Adventure Town USA

The rolodex of all things Cuyuna.

Crosby Lofts

Situated on the main drag, Crosby Lofts is a great place to hang your hat after a day of riding with easy access to all Main Street businesses.


Bike, ski, and snowshoe rentals and gear. Cuyuna’s newest bike shop is located in Ironton.

Mixed Company

Coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and ice cream. Mixed Company helps us prepare on trail lunches.

Red Raven

Bikes and brews. Red Raven is located right on Main Street in Crosby and is a perfect location to start and stop your ride.

Red Rider Resort

Ride in and ride out accommodations on the shores of Manuel Lake. And there’s a sauna!